Indiabulls Financials: On Verge of Breakout

IndiaBulls Financials is on verge of strong breakout….

Here’s the Chart

The chart speaks for itself


As you can see in the chart above: Indiabulls Financials is on verge of breakout above 240-245. It has been trading sideways below the resistance for a while and any breakout above it will generate strong near term momentum.

One should keep an eye on this trading opportunity to profit from it. Please do your own due diligence before trading.


  1. My Dear Mr Singh
    as regards Indiabulls Financials nice presentation. i feel you might have inadvertently left out the important issue of heavy volume seen on this counter yesterday

  2. Kaushal says:

    It did seem to breakout since then and has now retraced back to the breakout line. That seems a good sign in case it bounces back up from here, right?

  3. naren says:

    after 7 attempts to breakout it fell 4.25% to 427 . it was always a manipulative stock.