Stock Market Ka Ulta Chasma

  1. Are you surprised with market’s upmove?
  2. Do you think the run up has been too much?
  3. Do you think that fundamentals do not justify the move?

If the answer to all the above is Yes…it’s time for you to visit Eye specialist.

Many market participants struggle because they’re focused on what the market *should* be doing, rather than on what it *is* doing. BUT who are you to decide on what market should be doing

Markets are simple. Jo Dikhta Hai Wahi Sach Hai

The market should always be seen from market’s perspective. Market has its own logic which can be different from one’s that you hold. But what counts: is the market logic and not yours.

The logic is there for everyone to see in market action. As a market participant – one is best served by seeing straight on what’s happening on the screen. Trading is not about anticipating but following what one sees.

Trade the market for what it is and not what you perceive it to be


  1. Shivanand says:

    Wel said sir.So simple yet most do fail to understand the market moves.
    Just follow the market,no questions asked!